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Strategies for Connecting with Students


Responsive Services

How Mrs. Hoffa Make Connections in the School with Her Students?
Making connections with my students, being direct with the students, knowing the students outside of the classroom, and having great relationships with the teachers in the school helps Mrs. Hoffa make connections in school with her students.

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Individual Counseling
Small Group Counseling
Meeting with Parents

Career Counseling Interventions
1. Career lessons and activities through Google Classroom and Xello lessons
2. Career speakers
3. Career field trips
4. Touring various colleges

How does Mrs. Hoffa promote college and career readiness?

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Mrs. Hoffa promotes a career program that student's can explore different careers they may want to pursue after graduating high school.

How can Mrs. Hoffa  ensure every student has their needs met?
By observing the students, working with the special education teachers, and collaborating with other teachers, Mrs. Hoffa is able to help each student in school receive what they need in order to be successful learners.

How does Mrs. Hoffa facilitate the transition from elementary school to middle school?

Mrs. Hoffa collaborates with the fifth grade teacher in the elementary school at the end of the school year to make sure each student achieves success in the beginning of the year in the middle school.  5th grade students also receive a tour of the middle school at the end of the school year and are able to ask questions about middle school while on the tour.

How does Mrs. Hoffa help the special education students in these transitions?

Mrs. Hoffa and the special education teachers collaborate to share what interventions or strategies work best with each special education student to learn in the classroom.

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